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Read a binary file in form where only columns 2 and 3 are used.
0. 1 2. 3

2 is the absolute timing in µs of a spike, 3 is the period between two spikes.

It generates a buffer of floats 'FL32' in sound format 'LPCM' interpolating the period with a samplerate given in parameter i.e. -S8000 is a samplerate and -s1024 is the size of the buffer. -O112 is the offset of the signal to center the signal around 0. -g2.0 is the gain to amplify or decrease the signal.

Exemple of use to listen a sound

i_discretize_file left_ear.bin -o :sound -s1024 -S8000  -O112 -g2.0 | -S8000

In parrallel sound can be dislayed in a graph o_gnuplot /sound

We can also diplay the fft transform of the signal:

i_discretize_file left_ear.bin -o :sound -s2048 -S8000 -O112  | f_fftw_spectrum | o_gnuplot -M1