i_fread.cpp 4.59 KB
//Read only array of dim 1

#include "blc_core.h"
#include "blc_channel.h"
#include "blc_program.h"
#include <unistd.h>
#include <termios.h>
#include <libgen.h> //basename

static int file_get_lines_number(FILE* file){
    int ch, lines_nb;
        ch = fgetc(file);
        if (ch == '\n') lines_nb++;
        else if ( ch == EOF ) if (feof(file)==0) EXIT_ON_SYSTEM_ERROR("Reading file");
    return lines_nb;

static void array_def_with_tsv_file_first_line(blc_array *array, char const *filename, char const *time_str){
    char const *ext;
    FILE *file;
    size_t linecap=0;
    char *line=NULL;
    int length;
    char const *pos;
    if (strcmp(ext, "tsv")!=0)  EXIT_ON_ERROR("'%s' does not .tsv extension but '%s'", filename, ext);
    SYSTEM_ERROR_CHECK(file=fopen(filename, "r"), NULL, "opening '%s'", filename);
    SYSTEM_ERROR_CHECK(getline(&line, &linecap, file), -1, "Reading '%s'", filename);
        pos=strchr(pos+1, '\t');
        if (pos){
            pos++;//next position;
            if (pos[0]=='\t') EXIT_ON_ERROR("The array in file '%s' seems of dims 3 or more. Two tabs.", line);
            if (pos[0]=='\n') EXIT_ON_ERROR("The array in file '%s' seems ill formed. 'tab' followed by return.", line);
    if (time_str) length--; //The first coulmn dos not count it  is the time.
    array->def_array('FL32', 'NDEF', 1, length);

int main(int argc, char** argv){
    char const  *period_str;
    char const *channel_name, *filename, *time_str;
    char const *number_str;
    char  *default_output;
    int number, ret;
    uint64_t executing_time, previous_executing_time;
    blc_channel channel;
    FILE *file;
    int  period;
    asprintf(&default_output, "/%s%d", basename(argv[0]), getpid()); //This will not be free but it is only allocate once
    blc_program_set_description("Update channel with a tsv file. Only array of dim 1 !");
    blc_program_add_option(&number_str, 'n', "number", "integer", "Number of records (-1 for infinity)", "-1");
    blc_program_add_option(&channel_name, 'o', "output_channel", "string", "Name of the channel to output the data", default_output);
    blc_program_add_option(&period_str, 'p', "period", "integer", "Period in ms to read line by line (default 0 i.e. as fast as possible)", NULL);
    blc_program_add_option(&time_str, 'T',  "time", NULL, "use time in first column (in µs).", NULL);
    blc_program_add_parameter(&filename, "filename", 1, "File to load", NULL);
    blc_program_init(&argc, &argv, blc_quit);
    if (period_str){
        if (time_str) EXIT_ON_ERROR("You can either use fix period or first column time but not both: period '%s' and time (-t) activated", period_str);
        period=strtod(period_str, NULL)*1000;
    } else period=0;
    number=strtol(number_str, NULL, 10);
    array_def_with_tsv_file_first_line(&channel, filename, time_str);
    channel.create_or_open(channel_name, BLC_CHANNEL_WRITE);
    SYSTEM_ERROR_CHECK(file=fopen(filename, "r"), NULL, "Opening '%s'", filename);
    if (time_str) SYSTEM_SUCCESS_CHECK(fscanf(file, "%llu\t", &previous_executing_time), 1, "Reading time in file '%s'", filename);
        if (number==blc_loop_iteration) blc_command_ask_quit();
            if (feof(file)){
                if (number==-1) blc_command_ask_quit();
                else EXIT_ON_ERROR("End of file and you request '%d' iterations. Only '%d' has been done.", number, blc_loop_iteration);
                fscan_tsv_floats(file, channel.floats, channel.dims[0].length);
                if (time_str) {
                    ret=fscanf(file, "%llu\t", &executing_time);
                    if (ret==0 && feof(file)){
                        if (number==-1) blc_command_ask_quit();
                        else EXIT_ON_ERROR("End of file and you request '%d' iterations. Only '%d' has been done.", number, blc_loop_iteration);
                    blc_command_loop_period=executing_time-previous_executing_time; //We request the BLC_COMMAND_LOOP to last the time during two records. This overwrite period effect
    SYSTEM_ERROR_CHECK(fclose(file), -1, "Closing '%s'", filename);
    return EXIT_SUCCESS;