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Programs to communicate with serial devices


Communicate with a ssc12|32 or pololu board to drive servos in mode Mini-SSC II.


You need to install blaar, it will be included. Then in the blaar directory:


./ serial/serial_servos --baudrate=38400 --servos="1 5 7"

Communicate in Mini SSC-II mode (compatible SSC12, SSC32 and pololu) with baudrate in parameter waiting for space or tab separated values for servos 1, 5 and 7. You can fill these values with the keyboard or with a cat and a file e.g motor_positions ( line starting with # are comments ):

#motor1 motor5 motor7
25      36     89

Then call :

cat motor_positions | ./ serial/serial_servos --baudrate=38400 --servos="1 5 7"

You can also give a file with multiline positions and add a --period=1000 option. It will successively apply these positions with 1000ms interval.

Use --help for all options


Communicate with an arduino board to acquire analog values, set servos positions, ... (in developmment)

More information about serial communication

Good general information for unix programming: Serial Programming Guide for POSIX Operating Systems