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Open a window and nicely graph the content of a blc_channel.


Requiert gnuplot.

  • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install gnuplot
  • Mac OSX: brew install gnuplot --with-qt


o_gnuplot <channel> graphs the content of the channel.

By default the graph is refreshed at 10Hz, you can change the period using -P

You may want to graph the evolution of data over the time. You precise how many past values you want to display with -H. By default they are updated each 10ms, change it with -p.

e.g. i_keyboard | o_gnuplot -H1000 displays the changes with your keyboard (see bapps) with a history of 10 seconds (1000 -H values of 10ms -p). To change the values you must be focus on the terminal.

You can change the type of display ( default lines) using the -w option e.g. dots or boxes. For more information about the with option see gnuplot documenton.

Change any setting of gnuplot using -t. e.g. o_gnuplot -w "boxes" -t "set boxwidth 0.9 absolute; set key left". This sets a boxwidth of 0.9 and puts the legend on the left.