Tools to command the softbak robot Nao


To switch the robot on, simply press the central button. The robot is not ready until the lights are stable, wich can take several minutes. To switch it off, it is best to use its web page, but you can manually switch it off by pressing its central button until it stops.

WARNING: The safety postion of the robot is crouched with arm resting on the knees. If it is the first use in a long time, the life behaviour may be on on the robot. This means that the robot may try to stand when switched on. Because of that always switch it on in its safety position of you're not sure of its behaviour.


To connect the robot locally to yout computer, branch your robot to your computer with an ethernet cable. The connection must be configure to IPV4 "Link-local only". If the robot is connected, it will talk and say its IP adress we you press the central button (just 1 second). ( this may not work if the sound is desable...). If the robot is connected you can log to its web page on your browser by writing its Ip adress on the web bar or simply writing "nao.local".

If the robot is connected you will be asked a user and a password. BOTH are "nao".

From this page you can control several parameters (sound, life behaviour, switch off the robot) or create a wifi connexion with your robot.


In order to program your robot you need to download some sources such as NaoQi. Those can be found on the aldebaran website. You need to be logged in to have acces to them. The current log are:

User : password : etisnao

Then, open your bashrc file:

gedit ~/.bashrc

And add these two lines:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/home/.../pynaoqi-python2.7-$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" export PYTHONPATH=${PYTHONPATH}:/home/.../pynaoqi-python2.7-

Of course you need to replace dots by your path.


First of all, you have to download the latest version of python NaoQi ( (to log see seccion above). WARNING; if you're under ubuntu 16, you need to download not the latest version but the previous one !! . NaoQI allows the Nao robot to be controlled with python command. In order to control Nao with promethe, you have to use shared memory that can be used by your python script to move to robot ( hence use f_out at the end of your promethe script). An exemple of a python script can be found in this folder ( This script not only allows to listen to shared memory to control the motor bu also fixed the other motors in the current position. You can re-use this script just by changing the name of the motor you need to use and its extremum position. To run the python script on the nao, you just need to run a .sh containing the name of the python program and the port of the nao (" see").

Consider carefully the order of the motors in your python script: it should be the same as in your promether script.