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Saves and loads png images.


  • Mac OSX: brew install libpng
  • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libpng-dev


Loading png files

i_pngfile toto.png | o_gtk_image loads the png toto.png and displays it.

You can load a lot of images by specifying the number of image to load with -n3. Then define the filename like with printf format.

Example loading toto0.png, toto1.png, toto2.png: i_pngfile toto%d.png -n3 | o_gtk_image

It reads at the speed of the reader.

You may specify the time between each image with -p. Use -p33 to simulate a framerate of 30FPS.

Saving images in png | o_pngfile toto.png save the image from your webcam in toto.png.

  • Note 1: your webcam may be slow to start and having a black image at first. You can save 3 the third image with option -n3.
  • Note 2: depending on your camera property, the format may not be recognized by the libpng you can convert it with for example in black and white with -fY800. It may not be recognise at all by

Like for reading, you can save many images with -n and a specific file format.