Tools needed to used a raspberry (GPIO)

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Apps for raspberry PI 2 or 3

Configure wifi hostspot

Setting up a Raspberry Pi as an access point in a standalone network

The last part ( Add routing and masquerade ) is only to share internet connection

Install libwebsockets > 3

On raspbian you need to install version 3 from its sources, see below. On ubuntu use only 'sudo apt install libwebsockets-dev'.

sudo apt install git cmake
git clone https://github.com/warmcat/libwebsockets.git
cd libwebsockets
cmake .
sudo make -j4 install

Install light version of blaar

sudo apt-get install git g++ cmake ninja-build
git clone https://promethe.u-cergy.fr/blaar/blaar.git
cd blaar

#Clone the libs
git submodule add https://promethe.u-cergy.fr/blibs/blc_core.git blibs/blc_core
git submodule add https://promethe.u-cergy.fr/blibs/blc_channel.git blibs/blc_channel
git submodule add https://promethe.u-cergy.fr/blibs/blc_network.git blibs/blc_network
git submodule add https://promethe.u-cergy.fr/blibs/blc_process.git blibs/blc_process
git submodule add https://promethe.u-cergy.fr/blibs/blc_program.git blibs/blc_program

#Clone minimal programs
git submodule add https://promethe.u-cergy.fr/blaar/blc_channels.git
git submodule add https://promethe.u-cergy.fr/blaar/websockets.git
./install.sh all         #install all submodule
developer_tools/update_bash_profile.sh ~/.bashrc       #Update your bash profile
source ~/.bashrc         #Refresh your terminal


  • bcm2837 datasheet chip of the raspberry PI 3 very similar to the bcm2836 (Pi2) and bcm2835 (Pi1) the memory base address has changed. .