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Video tracking

Activating video

sudo modprobe bcm2835-V4l2 
v4l2-ctl --set-fmt-video=pixelformat=UYVY,width=64,height=64

Sometime it needs reboot

i_v4l2_camera -o/img | f_raspinobo_object -o/object -u0 -U70 -v110 -V160 

A blc channel /pinobo.coord is created with the center of gravity of the color <x uchar><y uchar>. The thresholds for the color in YUV format is: u for U min, U for U max, v for V min and V for V max. You can use the parameter -p/color to have a blc_channel /color where you can dynamicaly change the threholds of the color. /object is the image of the object where each pixel is set to 255 if the color is in the selected range. It is used for debug.

Activate the head (the target /pinobo.coord is updated by f_raspinobo_object ) ./run.sh raspinobo -T/pinobo.coord

Display the image

o_gtk_image /img

Display the detected object

o_gtk_image /object